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Jaguar E-Type Serie 3 Cabrio

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Jaguar E-Type Serie 3 Convertible
After 23 years, the power of such a potent XK engine was cut by US exhaust regulations. To regain its position, Jaguar began working on a much larger, new engine for saloons – why not also install this in the sports model? In taking this step, faded fascination for the E-type was recaptured. And so, in March 1971, Jaguar presented the long awaited “new” sports car, which in professional circles is also called the “V12-E”. For old-timer gourmets, this vehicle is a true feast for the eyes.


Technical data:
Year of manufacture: 1972
Engine: 5,343 cc • V12 • 276 hp at 5,850 rpm
Transmission: 4-speed, H-shift
Steering: left-hand • Seats: two, incl. driver